• Early Start:  Ms.  Caroline McGarry  and  Laura Galibert

  • Junior Infants:  Ms.  Ryan and  Ms.  Power

  • Senior Infants:  Ms. Furlong and Ms. Wilson

  • First Class:  Ms. Walsh

  • Second Class:  Ms.  Shalloe  and  Ms. O' Donohoe

  • Third Class:  Ms. Galvin and Ms. Wall

  • Fourth :  Ms. M.Galvin

  • Fourth/Fifth Class:  Mrs. Carroll

  • Fifth Class:  Ms. O' Donoghue

  • Sixth Class: Ms.   Aylward

  • Learning Support:  Mr. Hayes, Ms. L Galvin,  Mrs. Maher Walsh,  Ms. Sheahan and Mrs. Swanson

  • ASD Unit:  Ms. H Casey, Mrs. Dower

  • Home School Liaison Teacher:  Mr. Brian Partridge.

    Please  feel  free  to  contact  Mr. O'  Sullivan  if  you  would  like  to  take  part  in  any  of  the  courses  offered  in  the  school.  The number  is  051-372621.

    Some  of  the   courses that  will  be  offered  in  the  new  year  are:

  1. Self Defence

  2. Knitting

  3. Beauty and Make-up

  4. Maths (Helping your children with their homework)

  5. Cake Decoration